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If you’ve moved out to live by yourself, make sure you have the following number saved. When you are living by yourself, irrespective of whether you’re a boy or girl, it is always important to have the number of the local police station saved just in case of an emergency. Also have the numbers of an ambulance service and a cab service saved because you have to be prepared for everything and anything; as much as living alone is fun, it also means you will have to look after yourself and make sure you won’t get yourself in a situation where you will sit helplessly and curse yourself for making the decision to move out in the first place.

Always have your family’s numbers on speed dial. Also, the numbers of your neighbours should be at your fingertips. Even before your family, it is the neighbours who can help you if you’re in trouble or a chaotic situation. You might want to save the numbers of some decent restaurants in your neighbourhood because on days you don’t feel like cooking or your friends show up unannounced, they would come in handy. Ask your neighbours and take down the numbers of the other people that matter – the mineral water guy and the person who does bulk toilet paper online delivery. This might even be a great excuse for you to start talking to your neighbours if you’re wondering how and where to start.

Numbers like this are very important because they eliminate the hassle of going to the market every time and picking things up by yourself. Toilet paper delivery, for example, is a very useful service whereby you can have the rolls dropped off at your doorstep in bulks on a weekly or monthly basis. Find a doctor in your neighbourhood and make sure to add his or her number to your contacts as well. The numbers of the banks, post office, tailor, hair dresser also deserve a slot in your phonebook. Instead of running down the street looking for these people when you need their service, save the numbers and keep so it would only be a matter of looking up their number and making the call when you actually need their help. If you’re new to the area, don’t hesitate to ask for a business card or at least the phone number of people whom you bump into or get things done from because today’s world that is highly connected is all about the connections and contacts that you make.