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Have you put on a few pounds recently? Does it look unappealing to you? Then its time you burn those extra layers of fat under your skin and look thinner. By doing the correct amount of exercises combined with a healthy food practice, you might be able to loose pounds in no time. Sometimes your body would not show any signs slimming in appearance, though your bathroom scale tells you’ve lost a few pounds. Don’t worry; slimming is not for all body types. At least be happy with the fact that you’ve gotten healthy. Given below are some simpler tips to get slim.


It’s the most obvious thing to do. It doesn’t mean to do tiring exercise continuously, that very soon you’ll hate it. Exercising shouldn’t be that way. Prepare a very mild and smooth routine at the beginning and increase the intensity with time. Always start with a warm up exercise and end in a cooling down routine, to make sure that your tissues and muscles are toned up. Having a cup of Numi Tea in Australia, which is a brand of green tea, would increase the levels of fat burning within your body.

Diet plan

It’s advisable to consult a physician or a dietician to get an accurate account on your food intake. Food can make you fat and in the same time nutrition is also important. So, meet your doctors and ask for types of food that you should be having for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Unless you are excessively obese, dieting should not be taken so serious. Just limiting the amount of fats and starchy food would be enough for you. Other beverages like Numi Tea is said to be increasing your metabolism and speeding up the fat combustion.

Maintain a food and exercise diary

A food and exercise diary can be used to record your entire food intake in terms of calories and the amount of exercise you’ve done to burn them. Accordingly, at the end of the day you can sum up the net amount of calories you’ve taken in. After carefully checking with a nutritional adviser; ask for advice in making any alterations in the amount of calories you’ve taken in.

Avoid unhealthy habits

If your job constantly makes you sit at one place, there surely will be no physical activity to your body. So, it’s compulsory for such a person to engage in some kind of physical activity for at least thirty minutes every day. Other unhealthy food practices like drinking water while having food and swallowing food whole without chewing can also contribute in plumping up your stomach.

Looking a little voluptuous isn’t anything to worry about. The time you should worry about is when your medical reports alarm you with cholesterol and high blood pressure. Until then maintain a few healthy practices and enjoy life.